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How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost

Find out the answer by watching the video above and then reading the article:

It’s probably the question we get asked more than any other: “How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen?”

No surprises there. That’s what everyone wants to know when they start out on a big project like a kitchen renovation.

Of course, every project is different so there really is no straight answer.

The majority of the costs are usually determined by the size of the space, the materials and finishes chosen, and the specialists and tradespeople involved in the build.

A new benchtop is a good example. Depending on whether you choose from laminates, natural stone or engineered stone, the price difference can be thousands of dollars. The same principle applies to other visible components – from flooring to splashbacks, cabinets to appliances.

That’s why it’s impossible to give a firm answer to the “how much” question.

However, what I can do is give you a guide on what you can expect in a city like Melbourne, depending on the type of renovation you are looking at.

Read on and you’ll see I’ve split the expected kitchen renovation costs into three broad ranges:

  • $15,000 to $30,000 for a budget renovation
  • $30,000 to $55,000 for a mid range renovation
  • $55,000+ for a higher end renovation

I’ll discuss the differences between those categories, and also look at what I think is the more important question: “What are the costs of a new kitchen?”

It’s a subtle but important distinction that everyone should be aware of before they start a renovation.

In my opinion, the key is to focus not on the cost of a new kitchen, but how to get the best value for money with your budget.

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Visiting a showroom is an essential part of your renovation. Click to see which of our three Melbourne locations works best for you.

Budget Kitchens

An example of a good budget style kitchen. Image courtesy of Polytec.

Typical budget price range: $15,000 – $30,000

With this kind of budget, many people will strategically update their existing kitchen rather than go for a full renovation.

That might include basic additions like new benchtops, a splashback or appliances, which can bring new life to a tired space.

Those opting for a complete new kitchen in this price bracket should be aware that you might need to make some compromises.

For instance, the design may have fewer drawers and more cupboards, which aren’t nearly as functional or storage friendly. And don’t get too attached to any of the premium “bells and whistles” you see in the magazines.

Other key elements likely to be out-of-budget include:

  • Structural changes that can dramatically improve a space
  • Customisation that’s often needed to ensure you really make the most of a space.

These factors can often make the difference between loving a space – rather than being irritated by imperfections in the years to come.

Saying that, it is still possible to get a very nice new kitchen in this range.

Our general advice would be to invest in quality where it really counts – like strong, well-built Australian-made cabinets, drawers, and components such as hinges and drawer runners made by Blum.

You can make good savings by choosing melamine doors or 20mm engineered stone in the standard colour range.

Another important area to consider is the customer service you’re willing to accept and what happens if something goes wrong during the renovation.

While you’ll find cheaper kitchens from hardware suppliers like Bunnings, or smaller cabinet makers and businesses that put less focus on custom design and fitting, make sure you have a solid plan to respond to those unforeseen “what if” scenarios.

Mid Range Kitchens

This mid-range kitchen in our Essendon showroom features Polytec Ultraglaze (white) and Polytec Ravine (black wenge), as well as deluxe Caesarstone benchtops.

Typical mid price range: $30,000 – $55,000 (depending on the size of your kitchen)

This is the range in which most people realise their long-held ambition of owning a “dream kitchen”.

With more budget to invest, you can look forward to a kitchen that’s custom-designed for your lifestyle and requirements, and makes practical use of available space.

You may want to make some “superficial” structural changes, perhaps through a new tiled floor or relocating lights with the accompanying electrical work.

You’ll also be able to spend more on higher quality materials and components that look great and will stand the test of time.

For example, a kitchen in this range might include:

  • Acrylic, timber-look or 2 pack doors
  • Benchtops from providers like Caesarstone or Quantum Quartz
  • A beautiful tiled or glass splashback

Having that extra budget gives you flexibility and peace of mind – whether it’s from using specialist tradesmen who will manufacture and install a stone benchtop precisely, or the complete project management by a kitchen company that knows how to avoid pitfalls that can beset any complex project.

Plan your renovation right in this range and there is no reason why you won’t soon be stepping into the “dream kitchen” that will wow you and everyone else who sets foot in it.

Higher End / Luxury Kitchens

This high-end kitchen features painted cabinetry with profile doors, capping, decorative columns and skirtings and glass overhead doors. Benchtops are from Caesarstone’s premium Super Natural range.

Typical higher end price range: $55,000+

With most things in life there is the premium option. And kitchens are no different.

Maybe you want to change the layout or combine your main living and kitchen spaces. Walls can come tumbling down when you have the right budget.

Perhaps you want to create a stunning contemporary space that would stop kitchen magazine editors in their tracks.

Whatever your desire, at this level quality shines. You’ll get a stunning custom-design along with the functionality, durability and longevity of top-of-the-line materials and finishes.

A kitchen in this range might include:

  • High-end versions of finishes like timber veneers and 2 pack
  • Higher-priced engineered stone benchtops – typically the superb vein products you’ll find as part of Caesarstone’s exclusive Super Natural Ultra range
  • Your pick of storage accessories that make life so much easier in today’s best kitchens

Popular styles like Hamptons or French Provincial often fall into this bracket. Their intricate designs – with pricier elements like corbels, mantels and feature glass – also require more time to design, measure and project manage.

Budgets of this size are required to accommodate high-end European or American-made appliances that are typically more expensive than better known mass brands (take a look at these amazing Sub-Zero fridges and Wolf ovens to see what we mean).

In a kitchen like this your fridge and dishwasher might not even be obvious, as they blend “seamlessly” into their surroundings as part of the overall cabinetry. Which is another exclusive – and more expensive – option.

Of course, the end result in projects like these is always nothing short of sensational.


As you can see, the cost of a kitchen is dictated by a huge number of factors.

The main ones are the size of your space, the materials, finishes, hardware and components you choose and the specialists you hire for the build and installation.

Whether you’re spending $10,000 or $100,000, it’s equally important to plan properly and maximise your budget for the best result.

There’s no better way to do that than seek the advice of specialists who’ve completed many similar projects and know instinctively what works and doesn’t work so well.

By fully understanding the costs – and value – of each aspect of your renovation, you’ll have a great head start on achieving your dream kitchen.

So where does Rosemount sit price-wise in this conversation?

We generally fall into the 2nd and 3rd categories of pricing mentioned above.

We don’t provide dearer or cheaper kitchens. We use the same quality components in every kitchen we create.

For example, Blum drawer runners and hinges (the best available on the market today), Australian-made white board (carcasses) and Hafele Kessebohmer accessories.

These minimum standards dictate a price point.

Price variations are also a reflection of the door material you choose, your stone choice and the number of accessories you use in your kitchen.

At Rosemount, we always strive to get the best possible value for money for our customers. We can work to your budget, with you having peace of mind that at no point will quality be compromised for price.

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Visiting a showroom is an essential part of your renovation. Click to see which of our three Melbourne locations works best for you.