Reveal Your Hidden Treasure

Create a Beautiful Kitchen Pantry

Ready to get started on the beautiful new kitchen you've always wanted?

Reveal Your Hidden Treasure

Create a Beautiful Kitchen Pantry

Ready to get started on the beautiful new kitchen you've always wanted?

Kitchen Pantries Are A Must In Great Melbourne Kitchens

Kitchen pantries are a really important part of today's best kitchen renovations. At Rosemount Kitchens in Melbourne, we no longer think of a pantry as somewhere just to store food items.

It can be home to small appliances like toasters or kettles, crockery and tupperware – a fantastic way to keep the rest of your space looking clean, tidy and uncluttered.

A well-designed kitchen will have a pantry that is super-functional and a pleasure to use. If it’s a deep cupboard, you should include pull-out drawers that can hold at least 65kg each, making it really easy to access food and other items.

Got enough space in your new kitchen? 

Then consider a storage and preparation pantry – or even a butler’s pantry.

They give you the space to store bigger appliances like microwaves, coffee makers and juicers, as well as a host of other items such as pots and pans.

These pantries might take up more space, but they also cover a large part of your storage needs. Bigger pantries like this can be a real game changer.

Pull-Out Pantry

Tired of stretching into the back of a cupboard to find ingredients for your dinner? Or not even being able to see them because of all the clutter?

Take advantage of today's wonderful pull-out pantry options and your day-to-day life in the kitchen will be transformed.

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Bi-Fold Door Pantry

Create "hidden" bench space for appliances while retaining all the advantages of a pull-out pantry.

A super-convenient option to maximise function without compromising the look of your new kitchen.

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Storage & Preparation Pantry

The perfect solution for keeping your new kitchen clean and uncluttered.

Store all your appliances and provisions in a recessed part of the kitchen you can close off with sliding doors.

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Butler's Pantry

If you've got the space ... then the ultimate kitchen pantry could make you the envy of all your friends. 

A butler's pantry can act as your "second kitchen" and help turn your main kitchen into a magnificent entertaining space.

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Beautiful Kitchens Designed For Daily Life

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Beautiful Kitchens Designed For Daily Life

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Beautiful Kitchen Pantry Examples

Ample Storage
Carrum Downs Kitchen

Would you like a kitchen pantry like any of these in your home? See more examples in our Photo Galleries

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Watch the video:

What Our Kitchen Specialist Says

Check out the video featuring Rosemount's Mark Tonkin talking about the pantry options in one client kitchen.

See the full story of this beautiful kitchen renovation in Sandringham.

Your New Kitchen Pantry Awaits

1. Pull-Out Pantry

See real-life examples of a pull-out pantry in all three of our showrooms.

Not so long ago most kitchen pantries were just big cupboards where it could be difficult to see or access everything that was inside.

Not any more. These days you can combine shelving with pull-out drawers that hold at least 65kg each. It means easy access to provisions that would have previously, quite literally, been almost out of reach.

You can take this principle a step further with wonderful products from companies like Blum and Hafele. Blum's Space Tower (above) and Hafele's CONVOY range have individual pull-outs that slide out and can be accessed from all sides. They make life in the kitchen so much easier. 

Organising systems like Blum's AMBIA-LINE range are great for keeping everything in the pantry in its right place and easy to access. Another big time and stress saver. 

2. Bi-Fold Door Pantry

See real-life examples of a bi-fold door pantry at our showrooms in Oakleigh and Nunawading.

A bi-fold door pantry gives you all the storage space of a pull-out pantry with the added bonus of extra benchtop space where you can store appliances like a kettle, food mixer or toaster.

This is a terrific option if you want to be able to keep your new kitchen looking clean and uncluttered.

You don't need to keep appliances sitting on the main kitchen benches or, worse, in cupboards, where you have to bring them out and put them back in every time you use them.

Instead, they can simply sit on a benchtop above the soft-close pantry drawers.

When you make a cup of tea and toast for family or friends, you can simply close the doors and deal with the clearing up later.  The extra bench space is great for keeping appliances out of sight.  

Everything else is at your fingertips, easily reachable in the shelves above the benchtop or in the drawers below.

3. Storage and Preparation Pantry

See real-life storage and preparation pantries in each of our showrooms.
Oakleigh and Essendon have one each; Nunawading has two.

When you've got a bit more space, but not quite enough for a separate pantry, you might consider what we call a storage and preparation pantry or step-in pantry. 

This is generally a recessed area that you can step into. Just like the bi-fold door pantry, it gives you extra benchtop space to store appliances.

When you close the space-saving sliding pantry doors, they become completely hidden from view - adding to the clean and uncluttered feel of your new space.

The pantry above is a great example. Owner Lisa Bitzas told us she loves cooking but was frustrated in her old kitchen, where she had to stretch into a corner pantry and take out a box filled with spice jars whenever she prepared a meal.

Contrast that to her renovated Rosemount kitchen, where the recessed pantry is also home to Lisa's appliances.

“It’s just wonderful to be able to walk in and have all the drawers right there in front of you," she says. “I no longer have to go searching for anything."

And she loves not having to worry if it gets messy. “We leave the pantry doors open all the time but if there’s a bit of a mess in the pantry, you can just close the doors and everything is out of sight. It makes the kitchen look tidier.”

See more images and the full story of this renovation.

4. Butler's Pantry


See real-life examples of a butlers pantry at our showrooms in Essendon and Nunawading.

Last and certainly not least - the ultimate in pantries: the butler's pantry.

It's a separate room off the kitchen and these days it is often the kitchen workhorse - home to many of the tasks you'd typically associate with a kitchen.

The reason this works so well is because today's kitchens have become the hub of the home, particularly in open-plan living / dining areas.

As a result, main kitchen is primarily a living and / or entertaining space and the last thing you want is clutter and dishes with people stepping around each other to get into drawers and cupboards.

That's where the butler's pantry comes into its own. It's the "work space" of the kitchen where you store all your provisions, prepare food and hide those dirty dishes when entertaining.

Depending on the size of your pantry, it could house a sink, dishwasher and oven - effectively acting as a second kitchen. 

The butler's pantry above - which Rosemount's designer incorporated by adding a new dividing wall - has many of those elements; including a fridge, ovens and sink - and lots of space for provisions and appliances.

The Hamptons style kitchen looks elegant and unimposing in the larger living area, in part because of the "weight" taken by the "hidden" butler's pantry that sits just behind the kitchen.

Proven and Hassle-free Renovation Process

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Proven and Hassle-free Renovations Process

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What Kind of Kitchen Pantry Would You Like?

Getting the right kind of kitchen pantry can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of your space. 

Every home is different, but Rosemount Kitchens' experienced kitchen designers will be able to advise you on the best options.

And there's a good chance they'll come up with some great ideas you hadn't considered for your kitchen renovation.

Contact us and we'll answer your questions, or visit a showroom.

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